Who we are as a company

STS Paralegal & Administrative Services was established in 2009 to help those individuals who may need some assistance preparing documents in legal matters they are involved in.  These individuals may not have the means to hire an attorney or may simply not want to hire an attorney at an exorbitant cost to handle a routine issue.  We are experienced and dedicated to serving you.  We offer another option.

It is important to understand that the representatives of STS Paralegal and Administrative Services are not attorneys and they  WILL NOT give you legal advice.   We are simply here to assist you in completing your documents so that you may be more successful in your case.  Should you need the advice of legal counsel, we strongly urge you to seek him or her immediately.

Tamar Singleton

CEO of STSParalegal

Tamar began her career as a paralegal in 1999 in the creditor’s rights field of law in Atlanta, Georgia, where she worked with attorneys who were  not only licensed in Georgia, but who were also licensed in Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and Virginia.  Since that time, Tamar has secured an Associate’s in Paralegal Studies while using her priceless on the job  skills to transfer from the field of creditor’s rights into several other fields of law.  Over the years, Tamar has assisted attorneys in cases involving criminal defense,  personal injury, family law to include divorce and child custody cases, insurance defense, product liability, wrongful death, elder law, and nursing home litigation in Georgia, Virginia and, most recently, Washington State. 

She assisted criminal prosecutors in the Dougherty County Office of the District Attorney in Georgia, before relocating to Washington State where she continued her career within the Torts Division of the Office of the Attorney General in Seattle. 

Most recently, as the need for legal alternatives becomes more and more prevalent in today’s society, Tamar has rededicated herself to helping individuals who need assistance completing legal documents.   She has decided to relaunch STS Paralegal & Administrative Services to be able to fully use her skills to help those most deserving.